Elliott Simpson's Interests       (...some of them)


In no particular order

Archaeology and History

"Time Team" was a TV program worth finishing phone calls for! It is greatly missed

World English Bible

A public domain modern translation.

Parallel Bible

Another useful resource

Hamilton Baptist Church

I was a deacon from 1994 (with a one year break in 2004) and Church Secretary from 1999 (with a two year break in 2004 - 2005) until 2020.

"Monklands Next Generation"

This was a web site for Monkland "work experience" students old and new. When I was working, you had a good chance of finding me there. However, a few years after I retired, the site had so few visitors that we thought it best to close it rather than risk it being taken over - there had been a website set up for a Pathology conference and, when the meeting organisers let the licence lapse, it became a porn site!

The original message at the foot of this page read

"Site thrown together by David Simpson N.B. If you see this site before September 2001, don't tell him as it's his birthday present! "

Last up-dated October 2020