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The Monday 8th.of July I went to St. Albans by bus for 3 shillings (0.15). When I arrived, I made my way to the village of St.Michaels where I left my haversack in the post office and found the Youth Hostel. Then I went round the museum which contains pieces of pottery, tiles with animals footprints it them, bottles and coffins with skeletons in them. Also a model of the Roman town as it was in the first century A.D. Then I went over a park to see a Roman floor which was made of little bits of coloured stones in lovely patterns.

St Albans Theatre

The theatre

St Albans Theatre 2

- the column is not original

Later on I went to see the theatre (which at that time I believed to be the only known one in Britain). There I was talking to the man on the gate who was selling pieces of pottery and post cards of the theatre. He told me that, because I was interested, I might be able to get a "job" at the digging which they had started the Friday before. He also told me a little about the theatre itself. As the town grew, so did the theatre and twice they added another ring to the outside. Verulamium was the head quarters in Britain and all the commanders lived there, hence all legions coming into the country reported there for their marching orders. From there, there are straight roads running to all parts of England. Between then and now the theatre has been used as a rubbish dump and all round there are bits of the camp under ground waiting for some money and people to dig then up e.g. behind the theatre there is a temple waiting.


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January 2006