Clinical biochemistry was developed in several locations in Dundee and, by the mid 1960s, the following five laboratories were in existence:-

1. a clinical biochemistry section of the University Department of Pathology at Dundee Royal Infirmary (D.R.I.) under Professor Alan Lendrum and headed by H Gemmell Morgan until 1965.

2. a clinical biochemistry section of the NHS Department of Pathology at Maryfield Hospital under GH Smith and headed, until 1964, by Fred L Mitchell, and by John T Robson until 1966,

3. a neonatal laboratory at Dundee Royal Infirmary staffed by members of the Maryfield Laboratory,

4. an obstetric hormone assay service in the University Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Dudhope Terrace, under Professor J Walker,

and 5 a hormone assay service in the Clinical Investigation Unit at Maryfield Hospital under the auspices of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics under Professor RB Hunter (ref: 62)

After Mitchell and Morgan had taken up appointments in Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively, a Board of Enquiry was set up by the University of St. Andrews, under the chairmanship of Lord (Air Marshall) Tedder. The main recommendations were that an independent professorial Department of Clinical Chemistry be formed amalgamating the above five services and that extensions of accommodation be provided at Maryfield Hospital and D.R.I., the latter to include a student teaching laboratory. (ref: 62)

These recommendations were accepted in principle and it was decided to appoint a Senior Lecture (of St Andrews University) to oversee the "union" prior to the appointment of the Professor. Peter D Griffiths, Consultant Pathologist (clinical chemistry and haematology) in the Harlow Group of Hospitals, London, took up this appointment on 1st March 1966. At that time, the extension at Maryfield Hospital was complete (and the 1965 Christmas party was held there) but the one at D.R.I. had been suspended due to the bankruptcy of the builder. The following year the University of Dundee separated from St Andrews University and Griffiths was appointed to the Chair of Clinical Chemistry, with effect from the 1st January 1968. (The Chair was founded in 1967 at Queens College while still part of St Andrews University. In the 1970s it was renamed the Chair of Medical Biochemistry in the Department of Biochemical Medicine.) (ref: 62)

The Maryfield Laboratory closed when that part of the department moved to Ninewells Hospital in December 1973, the D.R.I. laboratory closed when the rest of the department moved to Ninewells in February 1974 and the neonatal laboratory at D.R.I. closed when it was moved to Ninewells later that year.

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