Introduction and Index

As Jesus saw the crowds, his heart was filled with pity for them, because they were worried and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. - Matthew 9 v 36

The peace that Christ gives is to guide you in the decisions you make; for it is to this peace that God has called you together in the one body. And be thankful. Christ's message in all its richness must live in your hearts. Teach and instruct each other with all wisdom. Sing psalms, hymns, and sacred songs; sing to God with thanksgiving in your hearts. - Colossians 3 v 15 - 17

Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. And God's peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4 v 6 - 7.

Lord Jesus, I am so glad that you really felt for people who were worried and helpless, because that's just how I feel! Sometimes I am at my wit's end. I don't know what to do and the problems of life seem to stack up against me. So I am turning to you for help. I do believe that you have a real compassion and understanding for people like me. Please help me to unburden myself now, bringing all these problems to you. Guide me in the decisions I make. Show me what the right things to do are. Give me courage to do what I am able to do and patience to wait for your leading with those difficulties where there seems to be no easy solution.

Above all, please give me the assurance that you are with me, that you do sympathise, that you are sharing in my anxieties. Fill my heart with your peace as I leave my future in your strong hands.