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Welcome to ElliottSimpson.com    - -    most recent updates are shown at the foot of each page.

This site was thrown together by my elder son, David, for my birthday in 2001 and then came under my management in July 2002: so any deficiencies are now my problem!

Most of my early efforts were concentrated on getting The History of Scottish Clinical Biochemistry into HTML format. I treated myself to a scanner for Christmas 2004 so since then I have been adding photographs to this archive.

I have also used the scanner to start compiling some sections and photos as A History of Me

Since August 2007 I am officially retired so, in theory, I have plenty time to get back to up-dating this site and I am full of good intentions. The "History" section is my priority - honest!

N.B. Despite the .com I'm still a not for profit Simpson

This means I don't make any money for recommending my brother Webster's Books       (...yet)

One of Webster's books, called Help! is reproduced here. It was written initially with publishing on the internet in mind. However, because his background was printing and not computing, it was printed for free distribution and has been widely used in Africa and South America.

There should be something worth reading in the following sections, although progress here has been slow:- Family , Work or Interests

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